Helping customers through interactive decision-making.

Sketches of a robot

The challenge

Honeywell Smart Energy runs a co-op marketing program to help regional utilities generate awareness and drive new enrollments in their own energy programs. One of those utilities, Baltimore Gas & Electric (BGE), needed a new interactive, digital campaign concept that would educate customers on the benefits of smart thermostats while promoting smart thermostat purchase and program enrollment. However, breaking through a cluttered digital media landscape wouldn’t be easy.

Our approach

To concept an interactive experience that would stand out while promoting BGE’s smart thermostat programs, we explored new industry trends in motion, visual storytelling and rich media.

The solution

To develop a simple, fun and interactive solution that helped BGE customers decide which thermostat program was right for them, we came up with a landing page that was personalized and cost-effective.

The landing page featured a character named Chip, who took customers through a series of qualifying questions, directing them to their ideal solution. Chip was also incorporated into all communication touchpoints to drive traffic and program recognition, including digital advertising and influencer marketing efforts.



The outcome

We partnered with the Honeywell — BGE team to create an optimized and engaging experience for BGE customers. Since the interactive experience was initially launched, other BGE program teams have incorporated it in their promotional campaigns as well to help increase awareness and visits. The interactive concept and “Chip” character also have the potential to live on in future campaigns — helping to solidify awareness and broaden BGE’s reach.

robot on computer

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