We are anthologic. daring. different. thoughtful. original.

Anthologic is the combination of “anthology” and “logic.” It represents a collection of work from different contributors compiled into a single volume, based on sound reasoning.

(And, yes, we made it up. That’s kind of what we do around here.)

More importantly, it represents us. We’re a collection of marketing and technology specialists, each with our own unique talents and perspectives, who come together to give businesses more opportunity and realize their untapped potential.

Great people.
Great work.

To figure out who you are, it helps to know who you’re not.

When Anthologic was founded more than 25 years ago, we knew one thing — we weren’t going to be the typical agency with layers of red tape and an unrelenting day-to-day grind. We set out to create a company that makes incredible work and puts people first.

Because everything we do, and everything we are, starts with the people we work with, the people we work for and the people we go home to. We believe that when all our people are happy, success follows.

Marketing with heart in the Heartland.

Our home office sits in the bustling East Village of Des Moines, Iowa, but our reach is borderless.

Big projects require a lot of work, and a lot of work requires a lot of talent.

We’ve got plenty to go around.

Kevin Lentz


Sarah Miller


Jim Swanson

Chief Culture Officer

Jeff Regenold

Chief Solutions Officer

Alyssa Saunders

Vice President of Operations

Adam Faircloth

IT Director

Alyssa Weis

Public Relations Account Manager

Alyssa Zipperer

Associate Director of Social Media & Influencer Marketing

Amanda Phillips

Director of Digital Experience & Automation

Amy Kline

Chief Financial Officer

Andrew Gillman

Director of Delivery

Ashley Graber

Employee Experience Manager

Beau Berkley


Camille Campbell-Wolfe

Associate Creative Director, Copy

Dan Swenson

Creative Director, Video & Photo

Dylan Lyons

Account Coordinator

Emily Gall

Senior Art Director

Erica Jensen

Senior Email Marketing Specialist

Erich Ernst


Gina Renzi

Account Coordinator

Gretta Hegland

Influencer Marketing Coordinator

Hannah Manson-Fryman

SEM Specialist

Jamie Jackson

Public Relations Supervisor

Jamie Nelson

Accounting Manager

Jordan Loperena

Public Relations Account Manager

Julia Verhoef

Account Manager

Karly Stenberg

Content Strategist & Copywriter

Kassi Radke

Media Planner

Katie Larson

Account Manager

Katy Essing

Account Manager

Kelsey Hanson

Associate Director of Public Relations

Kelsey Meyer

Art Director

Kristine White

Group Account Director

Laura Hill

Office Manager

Macy McElmury

Public Relations Account Manager

Marissa Steenhoek

Social Media Coordinator

Megan Burns

Associate Art Director

Nick Kelly

Account Manager

Nicki Mullan

Media Supervisor

Paul Richards

Associate Creative Director, Design

Rachel Nehl

Director of Creative Services

Ryan Albers

Account Director

Sam George

Account Manager

Sarah Slattenow


Scott Salem

Web Developer

Sean Neugent

Senior Public Relations Project Manager

Shelly Pearson

Senior Copywriter

Staci McDonald

Group Account Director

Stan Himes

Senior Copywriter

Stephanie Maxwell

Associate Media Director

Tiffany Hamil

Director of Account Service

Todd Huffine

Video Creative

Travis Arndorfer

Creative Director

Troy Johnson

Senior Content Strategist

Zach Yonek

Video Creative

See yourself fitting in here? We’re always looking for new faces and daring thinkers. 

Join The Team