Converting leads (new and old) through connected marketing automation.


The challenge

Through its easy-to-use digital platform and global network of highly vetted manufacturing partners, Fictiv simplifies custom part sourcing and accelerates innovation for its customers. And with a 99 percent quality success rating and proof of improving productivity five times over the status quo, the advantages were clearly there. Fictiv just needed to get the word out. But as an emerging disruptor in custom manufacturing, Fictiv was competing against established brands with deep marketing pockets — which took tactics like paid search or large media campaigns off the table.

Our approach

To prove the Fictiv advantage over its competitors, Fictiv partnered with Anthologic to create and execute an innovative marketing automation program that would generate new qualified leads, elevate engagement and drive sales for long-term growth.

The solution

Working within Fictiv’s legacy marketing automation system, Anthologic leveraged existing workflows and automations, data processes and sales connections for the basis of the new program. The team then designed the appropriate mix of right-time, right-content messaging strategies for product engineers and supply chain managers.

Versioned to target new anonymous leads to even loyal, repeat purchasers, the new connected experience included:

  • Immediate triggered emails and sales team integrations
  • Reimagined welcome nurture streams with dynamic content by audience type and industry
  • Abandoned cart emails
  • Behavior-triggered emails and proactive automations
  • New mid-funnel, power-user nurture streams
  • Targeted email campaigns supporting specific business objectives

Anthologic also assisted with connected blog content for these new email interactions, which included the publishing of over 17 new articles and case studies.

The outcome

With nearly 700 new, individual email assets created and over 1 million emails deployed in only 8 months, Anthologic helped mechanical engineers discover a faster, easier way to source custom parts. As a result, Fictiv saw an 81 percent increase in new users to the website from email and a 42 percent increase in all web conversions. Anthologic’s connected marketing automation strategies also helped speed up early adoption and new account creation by 40 percent — ultimately contributing to a 29 percent increase in company-wide revenue growth YOY.

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