“United. Inspired.” takes the gold.

November 09, 2020 // Agency News

At the 2020 ANA B2 AwardsEpiroc and Performance Marketing received the Gold award for our “United. Inspired.” employer branding campaign.

After splitting from Atlas Copco and spinning off into its own brand, Epiroc discovered that many employees were having difficulty adapting to a new company culture.

To build a culture that empowered and brought employees together, our team worked with Epiroc to create an environment that strategically embodied their core values of innovation, commitment and collaboration. According to Mila Armer, Marketing and Communications Manager for Epiroc, “Employer branding is the first building block in the brand value chain. Investing in the growth of the internal brand is the key to eventually transforming customer mindsets, market performance and shareholder value.”

Epiroc HQ interior images

Branded Epiroc headquarters.

The United. Inspired. campaign wasn’t just about creating a well-designed headquarters. It was about going beyond brand colors, fonts and messaging to instill a sense of pride and ownership among the people who work there and make the company what it is. It was about forming a united and inspired culture bigger than any building.

To uncover more about the United. Inspired. campaign and our views on environmental branding, check out our What do your four walls say about your brand? blog article.

About the ANA B2 Awards‍

The ANA B2 Awards recognize the top performing business-to-business marketers, large or small, with a unique focus on driving demonstrable business results. In 2020, there were 47 categories which evolved to reflect the growing role of B2B marketing and the rapid changes across our industry.

This article was published before January 2024 and does not reflect the consolidation of Performance Marketing, Vector Haus, and Blue Traffic into Anthologic.