Our top 10 reads for smart marketers.

September 28, 2020 // Content Marketing

Looking for your next insightful read? We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorite books for marketers trying to make a mark. So grab some tea, kick back and explore the science behind decision making, how to create an iconic brand, the art of data and more.

Selling the Invisible: A Field Guide to Modern Marketing
By Harry Beckwith

Why we think it’s great: This book is a compilation of short stories that highlight what is important when selling services and “invisible” products. It chronicles many popular brands and has a lot of top-notch insights.

Dare to Lead
By Brené Brown

Why we think it’s great: While not specifically marketing focused, this book does take a look at the impact of daring leadership within an organization — and daring leaders have a tendency to make daring marketing decisions. Brown also breaks down the need for vulnerability in the workplace and provides ideas and steps for how to accomplish just that.

The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation
By Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson

Why we think it’s great: Many businesses and sales teams have adopted the Challenger sales model, changing the way they “sell” their solutions and services. This book challenges the traditional sales model and uses an insights-based approach to sales that not only educates the consumer, but challenges them too.

By Martin Lindstrom

Why we think it’s great: This book goes beyond what we expect buyers to do and how we expect them to respond based upon outward logic. By presenting the findings from years of neuromarketing research, Buy-ology aims to understand what really encourages consumers to purchase.

By Roger Dooley

Why we think it’s great: Another neuromarketing read, Brainfluence takes a closer look at consumers’ decision-making patterns and the key reasons they make those decisions. It then presents techniques for attracting and creating emotional connections with new customers.

By Jonah Berger

Why we think it’s great: If you’re curious about why certain marketing concepts are more interesting and popular than others, this book is for you. Contagious takes a deep dive into the power of influence, exploring everything from word-of-mouth interactions among peer groups to the power of social media influencers.

Shoe Dog
By Phil Knight

Why we think it’s great: Shoe Dog is the story of Nike, one of the world’s most iconic brands, and it’s founder (Phil). It’s a fantastic and inspiring reminder that while you might not always hit the mark with your branding or marketing, failing is an important part of the journey shared by some of the world’s most powerful brands.

The Signal and the Noise: Why Most Predictions Fail — but Some Don’t
By Nate Silver

Why we think it’s great: Data drives everything we do — especially for marketers. And from sports to politics, Silver uses industry examples to break down our understanding of probability and uncertainty, and remind us that we need to consider all parts of the equation before coming to a sound conclusion.

Building a StoryBrand 
By Donald Miller 

Why we think it’s great: This read walks you through the science of storytelling — providing insights on branding (and life in general) that will bring your thinking to the next level. At the end, you’ll find yourself with a clearer understanding of the unique value you bring to your consumers.

The Art of Client Service 
By Robert Solomon

Why we think it’s great: For anyone who manages relationships or frequently sells ideas to a boss or client, The Art of Client Service delivers 58 single-tip chapters filled with actionable advice for successful business relationships. And although it was specifically written for professionals in the marketing agency world, its takeaways are valuable for any marketer in any industry.‍‍

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