Is your content built for ‘The Age of Ignore’?

November 04, 2022 // Content Marketing

You and your brand have entered a daunting new era: “The Age of Ignore.”* Your buyers have come to expect marketing content on their path to purchase. But they’re overwhelmed by the barrage of digital communications they face every day — and they’ve learned to tune out anything that’s not immediately relevant or useful.


To earn the time, attention and dollars of today’s savvy audiences, the edict for marketers is clear: Deliver people hyper-relevant and valuable content in an easy experience, or risk getting dismissed in favor of competitors who do. A bit intimidating? Yes. But this challenge doubles as an exciting opportunity to innovate and evolve the way your brand connects with customers.

Now is the perfect time to build up your content strategy so your content marketing is too compelling and connected to ignore. When you work on your content strategy, you take steps to ensure that your ongoing content program will attract and engage buyers, strengthen trust in your brand, inspire action — and bring you the highest content ROI.

To help you navigate this new era, we’ve created a Content Marketing Strategy Guide. Inside the guide, you’ll learn about:

  • What makes content strategy simply fundamental
  • Elements of a content strategy
  • Benefits of content marketing strategy
  • How to build up your content strategy
  • A content marketing strategy case study

Download the Content Marketing Strategy Guide today and reach out to us to talk more about your brand’s content strategy.

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This article was published before January 2024 and does not reflect the consolidation of Performance Marketing, Vector Haus, and Blue Traffic into Anthologic.