After 25 years, we’re still growing.

February 20, 2024 // Agency News

A lot has changed in the world of marketing — and, well, the world in general — in the 25 years we’ve been in business. Trends have come and gone (and sometimes come back). Some technologies have disappeared, and many more have become part of our daily lives. Through it all, we’ve constantly evolved to stay ahead of the curve to better serve our clients.

And that evolution continues.

In January 2024, our previously separate subsidiary brands of Performance Marketing, Blue Traffic, Vector Haus and the recently acquired Gate House Pictures unified under one name: Anthologic. As a single company of marketing and technology experts, we can more easily provide our clients with the full range of our capabilities.

“We’re incredibly proud to look back and see all we’ve been able to accomplish in our first 25 years in business,” says founder and CEO Kevin Lentz. “The group of professionals who make up Anthologic truly live and breathe marketing and technology, and the sheer talent within our walls is unmatched. I’m honored to be surrounded by such a remarkable team of people day in and day out.”

The same leadership team that started the company 25 years ago is still intact. Sarah Miller, who has served as President of Performance Marketing for several years, will now serve as president of Anthologic.

Alongside other company leaders, this team has helped navigate the challenges of growing while remaining true to the two principles that have guided our company from the start: Create incredible work and put people first. Yes, some things have changed in 25 years, but never those two fundamentals.

And it’s worked out well — for us and our clients. 

It’s what has allowed us to grow from a company with a few employees into a collection of marketing and technology specialists, each with our own unique talents and perspectives, who come together to give businesses more opportunity and realize their untapped potential.

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